Griffin Outdoor works with some of the best companies in the state to provide campaigns that drive results. Below please find examples in our clients’ own words.


"BELFOR Property Restoration in Tulsa, OK has been exceptionally pleased with the response to our digital billboard advertising with 6 Outdoor. One example was in February of 2018... A local restaurant caught fire and as the owner drove to his business to meet the fire department and check on damage he happened to pass our billboard advertisement. He called us immediately and BELFOR met him shortly after and signed up a fire loss insurance job worth over $100,000." - Belfor

River Spirit Casino Resort

"6 Outdoor has been a partner with River Spirit Casino Resort from the beginning, and have been thrilled with the placements as well as the product itself. 6 Outdoor is not only one of the brightest outdoor displays in town but also the only vendor with local news content to captivate drivers as well. Thank you 6 outdoor for helping to continue to grow our business and being a part our team." - Kacie Ryal, Media Buyer

Osage Casino

"6 Outdoor has been delightful to work with! We have worked with KOTV in Tulsa for over ten years and they have always been a top media partner for Osage Casinos. When we started working with 6 Outdoor in 2017 we knew the customer service and attention to detail would be exceptional. They have never disappointed us! Their experience and knowledge of outdoor advertising has helped us grow our outdoor presence and maximize our media campaigns. We love working with the 6 Outdoor team and we look forward to many more years of a strong partnership." - Meredith Nelson, Media Operations Manager

The Tulsa State Fair

"The Tulsa State Fair is an annual event that attracts guests from all across Green Country, there is no better way to kick off a marketing campaign than making a splash with Outdoor advertising. 6 Outdoor has high quality boards placed in great locations around Tulsa and beyond, reaching thousands of potential guests each day." - Sarah Thompson, Event Relations Manager

SVP Healthcare Lending

"We’ve had numerous people, including other bankers, tell us that they saw our billboards. We are very certain that the billboards served to raise our profile and inform the public about our focus on healthcare." - Carol Kinzer, SVP Healthcare Lending